Expected impacts and results

At least 100 learners will be involved in distance learning activities (OER) and (among them) 50 learners will take part in Intensive Study Programme, to test the acquired competencies in a real case study. 25 teachers will be involved in an Intensive Study Programme.

The expected impacts for participants are an improvement in accessing job market thanks to acquired competencies, and also through the development of professional networks, especially with experts in energy planning and Municipalities; the development of horizontal professional network with other participants, at international level; the possibility to access the Concept Maps to update their skills and competencies.

Teachers, professors and other educational professionals will improve their approach in using Concept Maps in normal educational activities, being also able to re-adapt the provided educational materials and to update them. They will also enlarge the range of their educational activities, using OER in a more pro-active way. Universities and Energy Agencies will have the opportunities to develop existing e-learning materials, to improve the use of OER, to reinforce the links between professional education and academic education and to reinforce interdisciplinary and integrated approaches in curricula.

At the end of the project, a final international conference will be organised in Maribor (Slovenia), involving at least 90 relevant representatives of the target audiences identified in the dissemination plan. The conference will represent the main E-RESPLAN multiplier event, aimed at sharing the project’s educational tools and approaches with national and international experts, discussing integrated energy planning and related job opportunities and educational needs across Europe, and disseminating the project results.

The final conference will not only represent the closure of the project: it will also be the real starting point of the dissemination phase. In fact, participants to this event will include all the partners’ networks, other HEI, professionals and representatives of the business world, who will contribute to further disseminate the project outputs and results. The final conference proceedings, collecting all the papers presented during the event, together with a final report on the project results, will represent the E-RESPLAN final product and serve as guidelines for the integration between RES development, energy planning, urban and regional planning and environmental and landscape issues.

They will be published only in electronic form on the project web platform, and further disseminated trough the partners’ websites and network, i.e. through open access, peer-reviewed journals relevant to project topics.