Educational modules - Energy Cmaps

The project aims to develop transversal skills in the sector of energy planning through the use of innovative methods such as Concept maps (diagrams that depicts suggested relationships between concepts) and web tools as Cmap Cloud (, an open web service (including a web platform, Tools and App) allowing registered users to easily store, access and manipulate their Concept Maps from different locations, and share and collaborate in their construction.

During the project, partners will realise, test, evaluate and improved the Energy-CMaps, organised in 5 educational modules. Energy-CMaps will be tested through distance learning activities, involving professors and students, in the field of Architecture, Energy, Engineering, Geography. Participants will be also involved in intensive learning activities in order to verify and complete the acquired competencies.

- Intensive programmes for teaching staff (C1): The activity consists in a workshop, held in Rome, during which 20 university teachers from partner HEI will be introduced to E-RESPLAN methodology and to the potential and use of CMaps, and encouraged and supported in including Energy-CMap OER in their ordinary academic, educational and research activities

- Intensive programmes for higher education learners (C2): The activity consists in a workshop held in Valletta, during which 24 learners (students, newly graduated, post-graduate, young professionals) will be selected by partners to take part in the application of the competencies acquired during the educational activities for Energy- CMap testing and implementation to a real case study (SEAP, or similar energy plan).

Concept Maps are a way of representing relationships between ideas, images, or words, to develop logical thinking and study skills by revealing connections and helping students see how single ideas are set into a larger framework. Therefore, they are especially suitable to work on a highly interdisciplinary and integrated theme such as energy planning. The Concept Maps will be released with Creative Commons license, enabling the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work. E-RESPLAN will enhance digital integration in learning, teaching and training activities in the field of Energy planning, through the adoption and the improvement of this tool for sharing knowledge among students and teachers of different EU countries.