E-RESPLAN is a Strategic Partnership for Higher Education, aiming at providing young professional and experts with innovative tools in order to reinforce their interdisciplinary skills in the field of energy planning, RES development and spatial planning.

Architecture and planning traditions are often not well-integrated with the recent development of new technologies in the energy field. And, on the opposite, the experts in energy and RES development do often not have skills to properly integrate new plants in urban contexts and in cultural and ecological valuable landscapes.

The overall objective is to experiment new techniques of learning and teaching, through the use of Concept Maps, ICT and Cloud tools, in order to encourage the sharing of knowledge and to develop collaborative training tools ( in the above fields.

The use of the concept maps tools for learning purposes.

CmapTools allows users to construct, navigate and share knowledge models represented graphically as concept maps. For the students the development of a concept maps enable to fix concepts by linking them with logical relations and questions. CmapTools is used worldwide in all domains of knowledge and by users of all ages to graphically express their understanding.

The project will also aim at:

  • realising a new tool called Energy-CMap, an OER for the scientific and educational purposes of the project;
  • supporting the training of experts in energy and environmental planning through the definition of educational tools at academic levels (Concept Maps and OER);
  • contributing in the reinforcement of networks among planners, academics and enterprises operating in the field of RES;
  • development, with a view to increase labour market relevance of learning provisions and qualifications;
  • establishing a network among Mediterranean Universities with the aim of improving their educational capacities in the fields of RES development, energy and environmental planning, according to 2020 EU goals.

The methodology applied by E-RESPLAN deals with two main aspects:

  • the use of Concept Maps as an innovative teaching and learning tool, according to the logic of the cognitive learning method;
  • the testing of an open education approach for the teaching of integrated energy planning.

Integration of competencies planning issues, RES technologies, landscape and environmental assessment.

Educational modules

..transversal skills in the sector of energy planning.

Expected impacts and results

...update skills and competencies.