Second meeting in Seville (Spain), 7th April 2016

Second meeting in Seville (Spain), 7th April 2016

In the second project meeting, held in Seville at the Rectorado de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide, the applicant partner made a presentation on the status of the financial flows of the project, the next steps to be carried on and deadlines. During the second part of the meeting, project partners discussed about the future works to be done and in particular regarding the Intellectual output 01, related to the evaluation of the state of art and of the legislative framework, presenting local situations for each partner state.

Partners focused on:

  • O1/A1 - State of art analysis - legislative framework
  • O1/A2 - Collection of educational tools on energy planning
  • O1/A3 - Case study reports on energy planning

During the meeting MIEMA, responsible for Output O2 - the realisation of the web platform - has introduced to the partners the official logo of the project, the website layout and the Moodle e-learning environment.

A press release, redacted in Spanish, provided by University of Seville is available here.

You can find some pictures of the event here.

The following files are available for download:
  • Agenda second meeting Seville