The E-RESPLAN project uses the C-map Cloud as a learning environment.

C-map Cloud is a free centralized web-based platform to access, store and share Concept maps and related resources and materials.

The C-map Cloud can be a powerful didactic tool for the purposes of the E-RESPLAN project, since it:

  • allows the quick sharing of the C-maps among partners;
  • gives the possibility to introduce annotations and comments on the uploaded C-maps, triggering communication among teachers and students, and among students as well;
  • allows users to work together on the same C-map, enhancing collaborative leaning and knowledge sharing.

The E-RESPLAN project folder is now available on the C-map Cloud: it contains reference materials on the project, including the Case Studies report and the C-Map_00, as well as the outputs of the educational activities implemented by partner organizations.

In order to access the E-RESPLAN project folder, it is necessary to create an account on the C-map Cloud and to be invited to share the folder by the Administrator.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Connect to https://cmapcloud.ihmc.us/ and click on "Create an Account";
  2. Create your account and sign in;
  3. Contact us (federica.dipietrantonio@miema.org) to communicate your username. You will receive an invitation to share the project folder;
  4. Click on “Start Building Your Cmaps” and you will be directed to your personal dashboard, showing a number of tabs. Under the Message tab (the one with the "envelope" logo) you will find the invitation to share the E-RESPLAN folder. Accept the invitation in order to access the E-RESPLAN folder's contents.